Designing a French Kitchen

Posted on June 30, 2019

Centering your kitchen remodeling plans on elements of French kitchens is a good way to go. French kitchens have a certain charm to them and have a cooking environment that encourages delicious food. These kitchens borrow many elements from nature and are made with equal parts of passion and practicality.

A French kitchen can be done in a myriad of different ways. However, there are some common kitchen design aspects present in most kinds of French kitchens. The following will be a few examples of how to use certain materials for your kitchen remodeling plans to make a French themed kitchen.


The presence of wood is very important for French kitchens. They have a warm and welcoming effect – essential to the kitchen design. You will need to have wooden chop blocks and wooden kitchen islands. This is an ideal material for such fixtures as it is a hygienic product that resists bacteria. There are plenty of antique or themed fixtures and furniture that will encourage a French theme.


Older French kitchens would use stones for the hearth. These were once used for baking and were absolutely necessary in kitchens of that time. Adding stone in your kitchen design will bring forth a warm, rustic element to your kitchen design that no other material could hope to emulate. Other ways you could use stone would be for decorative stone arches or as a border along certain walls.


Marble also excels for baking purposes. If you place marble in an area that does not receive sunlight, you will find that the surface of it stays chilled and is ideal to maintain the form of dough. You need not even have an entire counter of marble, just reserve a certain portion in an area away from the sunlight for baking purposes.

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