Designing a Small Kitchen the Right Way

Posted on January 29, 2019

No cook wants to deal with a small kitchen. Unfortunately, most people see that the best solution to dealing with a small kitchen is saving up enough money to move out to one another home with a bigger kitchen. While it sounds silly, not many people actually consider remodeling the kitchen to improve its size or layout.

Your typical small kitchen is somewhere around 125 square feet of floor space or less. People consider it too troublesome to remodel as they believe they don’t have enough space to work with. So when dealing with a small kitchen remodeling, being creative is a must.

One bonus to doing small kitchen remodeling is you save yourself a lot of money with cabinetry and appliances since you won’t have to buy much of them. Here are three layouts commonly used in small kitchen remodeling.


Also known as a one-wall layout, this will have all the appliances and fixtures installed on a single wall. So long as the wall is a minimum of 8 feet in length, you can fit in all the appliances you need in that stretch. Even if you have less than 8 feet of length, there are smaller sized appliances available such as 20- inch cooking range rather than the standard 30 inch. This purchase alone saves both money and space.


Also known as the corridor layout, this style of kitchen layout was originally used on board boats or ships. It made such good use of a small space that it quickly became adapted for use in apartments and small homes.


This design is pretty easy to imagine. You typically have the sink and appliances group in one corner and shaped into an ‘L’. Normally,  one Length will have all the plumbing, and the other length will have the electrical outlets. This layout employees the classic work triangle which makes for very efficient movement inside the kitchen.

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