Differences between traditional and modern kitchen designs

Posted on February 25, 2019

The most frequently asked questions when embarking on a kitchen remodeling project include whether to use traditional designs or the more modern styles or a mixture of both. Before deciding on any design, you should know exactly what your style is. Traditional designs normally lean towards comfort while modern designs normally tend towards personal styles with more aesthetic appeal.

Knowing the differences between the two can help you decide the way your kitchen remodeling will go. The basic differences are highlighted below:

Traditional kitchen designs

Traditional kitchen designs normally give out a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The cabinets are normally made out of wood such as oak, cherry wood, or mahogany and the lighting favors track lighting which is very bright, with lights suspended from the ceiling. The colors that best suit this design are warm colors such as deep brown, orange, or burgundy. With traditional designs, pieces are thrown together to provide comfort, you will find floral tablecloths, artworks displayed on the walls and furniture that may seem to have just been thrown together; sometimes, seemingly without any plan.

Modern kitchen designs

Modern kitchen designs normally adhere to the less is more theme, they are more spacious and eliminate most of the clutter you find in the normal traditional kitchen. Pendant lighting is preferred in this design; the appliances that are common are of stainless steel. In terms of color, modern designs tend towards stark contrasts and bold colors. The working surfaces are smooth and material such as marble is favored.

The choice is left up to you on which design you will want for your kitchen remodeling, as either way the kitchen should be the center of your home. You can also choose to blend the two designs together, but you must be careful to do proper research on the pieces or appliances you choose mix.

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