Don’t Want Walls in Your Small Space? Define Rooms Without the Barriers

Posted on November 15, 2018

Living in a huge house sure is something all of us have wanted to experience at one point or another. However, the reality is that no matter what size your house is, it can always be homey depending on what you make of it. You may, for example, be living in a small New York City apartment but still enjoy the coziness of a spacious suburban townhouse through the help of an expert renovator. However, the thing about small spaces is that, they can be indeed charming but it will always be hard to move around; especially when you have too many walls. For this reason, a lot of homeowners seek to do an apartment remodel to address the issues of having too many walls in the house. So if you have the same concern, read on and learn ways on how you can define rooms in the house without the so much barriers.

Change of Ceiling Material and Corresponding Wall Paint

One of the easiest ways to define rooms from each other is by making their differences obvious through ceiling material and wall paint. You may separate the living are from the kitchen for example, by using all-wood materials in the living room. This means having similar materials for the walls and the ceiling. For the kitchen on the other hand, you may use light-colored tiles for the walls, and pure white paint for the ceiling. Complete the sense of cohesion by incorporating the color themes with the corresponding furniture in each room. Moreover, you may use distinctive lighting fixtures for each room

Flooring Materials

Much like using distinctive ceiling materials, it will also be easy to define rooms through wall-to-wall carpets and huge rugs. For a light-colored theme in the living room for example, you may use a large, light-colored fur rug that is wide enough to cover the couch area. It will help if the rest of the house has an equally distinctive flooring material like wood, in order to easily define where the living space starts and ends.

Level Variation

A change in floor level is more tasking the two aforementioned ideas; however, this is the most sophisticated of all three. A change in floor level is a great way to define rooms from one another without having to build up walls because it emphasizes a smaller space within bigger area. It will also help if aside from the level variation, you will also use different materials for each room (i.e. Different tones of wood material). That will make areas more distinctive.

An apartment remodel can do a lot in addressing the issue we have in our homes. When it comes to small spaces most especially, people often need to think out of the box and be more creative in maximizing the little space they have. These tips will help you achieve your concerns about walls in your small apartment space. Keep these in mind and make your home more dynamic and open at the same time.

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