Know the Don’ts in Renovations and How to Avoid Them

Posted on January 7, 2019

In doing any project, there is always a set of do’s and don’ts that we need to follow. In most cases however, people tend to focus on the do’s than on the don’ts, overlooking slips that detaches from the essence of a particular guideline. When doing an apartment renovation or remodel for example, it is easier for most people to focus on good practices from expert advice and personal experiences, than on the don’ts that are nonetheless equally crucial considerations. Following good practices is not enough as it does not mean avoiding the bad ones. When renovating a house, it is imperative for homeowners to be aware and vigilant about the wrong practices that will make the home look awkward no matter how well we think we have done the procedures. So to help you steer clear of these don’ts in apartment renovation, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Never sacrifice lighting fixtures for more expensive furniture – When furnishing your newly renovated home, most of us tend to focus on the fixtures and elements like couches, chairs, cabinets, tables and appliances. The thing is, your room will look incomplete without proper lighting no matter how well you think you decorated it. Even expert decorators would tell you that proper lighting is a crucial element in a room’s overall aesthetic quality. So if you think you are making a room better by sacrificing your budget for a better lighting fixture for more expensive furniture and appliances, think again.
  2. Avoid making rooms look so detached from one another – While it is important to clearly identify one room from another through walls, dividers or area rugs, it is wrong to isolate them completely. Building completely independent and unique rooms is a thing of the past. Today, decorators encourage homeowners to create smooth transitions from one room to another. Stepping in from your living room to dining area should not feel like stepping into a completely new house. Make rooms identifiable from each other, but do not make them look like they belong to different places.
  3. Do not skimp on the quality of paint – The color of your room will define it. It will make or break it aesthetically. While some people may see this as the easiest part of remodeling, painting your walls is actually a very crucial process especially in terms of choosing the right color for the walls and the right quality of paint. Your wall sets the theme and feel of a room. Skimping on paint quality will affect the overall aesthetic of the room negatively no matter how hard you work on your furnishing and décor.

Sometimes, doing a good a remodel is not only about following best practices. Most of the time, it is about learning the best practices while keeping in mind the things to avoid.

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