Expert Tips on How to Avoid Common Remodeling Mistakes

Posted on November 18, 2018

Living in New York City is expensive on itself. Despite having fairly higher wage rates, the cost of living here can be over the top; not to mention the costs of maintaining a house too. Doing an NYC remodel for example, can really get very costly. As we all know, the costs of materials, professional fees and property taxes in NYC can get relatively higher compared to other states. For this reason, a lot of homeowners do their best to learn do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, so they would not have to pay for a professional designer. The thing with DIY projects though is, they are prone to mistakes since of course, we are not all experts when it comes to interior design. This becomes extra crucial when doing a remodel for the first time. So, if you are planning on a remodel soon, do not fret. Read on and learn some practical expert advice on how you can avoid common renovation mistakes so as to make that upcoming NYC remodel a success:

  1. Do not go mediocre on wall paint – Most first-time renovators are scared of trying strong and distinctive details, such as characteristic wall paint. This is a major no-no in interior design. A room’s color sets its characters and therefore makes or breaks an impression. If you go second-rate on the wall paint, results are most likely going to be ineffective. Moreover, characteristic wall color often makes it easier to decorate a room since the overlying theme is easier to observe.
  2. Avoid matching everything – First-time renovators also tend to over-match everything. This is because a newbie’s idea of theme often focuses on what looks alike. A designer’s work is to create a cohesive feel in a room and not a monotonous and repetitive ambience. Instead of putting together materials that look alike, gather materials and textures that follow the same history, theme, motif or mood. Being cohesive is different from being repetitive. Repetition is boring. You would not want that.
  3. Never hold back on the length of the draperies – The thing with houses in NYC is that most of them have space limitations. Drapes and curtains help provide an illusion of height in a room, so do not skimp on these materials just to save a few bucks. Curtains that are too short for a window will only make the room look awkward and incomplete. This will only make you want to remodel again, which will of course, cost you quite a bit.

In remodeling, much like on anything else, it helps to learn from other people’s mistakes. DIY remodels teach us to be more economical; however, we also need to guarantee efficient work in order to make the practicality worth in. Otherwise, we will only want to remodel over and over, hence spend over and over too.

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