Family Photo Walls: How to Hang Family Pictures on the Wall Like a Pro Decorator

Posted on January 15, 2019

A lot of people would find hanging picture frames one of the easiest ways on how to decorate a dull and empty wall in the house. However, while it would seem like one of the most doable things to do, say, when doing an apartment remodel, there are actually a couple of guidelines and standards you have to follow to do this well. You may already be wondering how complicated this could get. You are simply putting pictures in frames and hanging them up the wall, right? The thing is, while it may sound easy, it is actually challenging to achieve an effect that will actually look good up on your wall and will tell a compelling story. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words, so better know how to display those family photos creatively to send an interesting message through your family photo display. Before calling a professional decorator for this task, read on the following tips first and know how you can do this yourself:

  1. Find the perfect spot to hang your pictures – This is the first and the most crucial step. The thing about hanging pictures is you cannot really just hang them on just about any empty space  on your wall. The safest choice will be those intimate spots that are not as busy as the common areas like the living room or the dining area. Hang pictures in hallways or on those walls by the stairs.
  2. Do not limit yourself in just one kind and style of frame – While it is automatic for most people to choose the same kind of frame for a photo display, this is actually an outdated custom already – even pro decorators will tell you that. Never limit yourself to one kind, size or style of picture frames. Character and variation are actually two of the most attractive features you can achieve for your photo display, so never settle with the safeness and dullness of uniformity.
  3. Plan out your arrangement on a huge sheet of paper before laying it out on the wall – There are many things that leave permanent marks on the wall, such as drilled holes, thumb tack marks and tape marks. When doing an apartment remodel, one of the things you will want to avoid are permanent marks from unintended hooks and drillings. The best way to hang pictures perfectly is to plan the arrangement out on a huge piece of paper first. Trace the frames, and tape the paper on the wall with tape, and use nails or thumbtacks to mark the spots. Hang the frames on their corresponding spots and remove the paper.

When doing a home makeover every little modification is crucial and important. Even the changes on photo displays could make lasting impacts on the overall feel and appearance of the room, so never underestimate hanging pictures on the wall. Plan it our carefully and make a creative and compelling family photo display for your friends and relatives to marvel on.

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