Finding a Theme for your NYC Bathroom Remodeling

Posted on May 21, 2019

When you find yourself making NYC bathroom remodeling plans, you will most definitely reach a point where you wonder to yourself what sort of theme should your bathroom have. There are various themes to choose from and it is quite difficult to commit to one.

Themes are important parts of NYC bathroom remodeling as it will be the glue that holds your entire bathroom’s design and atmosphere in place. It will give the room a solid and coherent style that reflects your personality and interests.

Here are a few examples of commonly used themes for NYC bathroom remodeling.


This theme focuses on elegance and balance with nature. A bathroom with this theme encourages you to feel free from the everyday burdens and lets you feel as if you can just drift away. You will want to calm neutral colors and your accessories will be those of wicker, bamboo, and the like. You will also want to have scented candles and plants in your bathroom to remind you of nature.


This theme is a long time staple for NYC bathroom remodeling. It is easily accomplished and very easy to work with. Normally, you will want colors that reflect the ocean such as shades of blue and green.  Majority of stores will have several fixtures and accessories that will match this theme.


This theme is quickly becoming popular. You will want light bamboo flooring along with bamboo walls. You will also want accessories with hints of nature by adding accents with leaf green designs. This is also a relaxing theme and will cater to many different people.


Another theme that is gaining a lot of momentum, you will want to use a good contrast of light and dark colors. Wooden fixtures will also be abound in this sort of theme and you might also want to include mosaic glass accents.

Just remember, you can apply any theme you like in degrees. You don’t always have to go full on Zen or Asian. Just use enough of any theme to form a coherent and working design that works for you.

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