Five Flooring Options for NYC Bathroom Remodeling

Posted on May 22, 2019

For NYC bathroom remodeling, there are several different options available for bathroom floors. Changing the floors in your bathroom will change the whole atmosphere and impression that the room gives off. You will need to consider the color, texture, and design of whatever material you choose. For small bathrooms, you may want to stick with a light color as this accentuates space, making the bathroom seem larger than it is.

Be sure to choose durable materials for your NYC bathroom remodeling as bathroom floors will have to deal with a lot of punishment as well as a harsh environment. The floor will be wet throughout the day, and the environment will be more humid than most other rooms.

Here are five examples of flooring you may want to consider for NYC bathroom remodeling.


Very common flooring material used for NYC bathroom remodeling. Tiles are durable, easy to work with and come in various designs.


This type of flooring has great texture and is very durable. Granite, however, will require more maintenance than other types of flooring.


Laminate flooring can imitate on material and this will allow you more flexibility when thinking up designs or themes for your bathroom.


A durable flooring option that is also very hygienic. This type of floor is usually chosen by people who have allergies.


Available in several designs and various colors, vinyl is also very durable making it a good choice for NYC bathroom remodeling.
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