Fixing Your Faucet

Posted on March 8, 2019

Before you make any NYC bathroom remodeling plans, you may want to check out your bathroom for small problems that you can fix yourself. A faulty faucet, for example, can be diagnosed and repaired with little difficulty. Fixing that yourself can save you some money since having the remodeling team do it will be costlier than doing it yourself, unless you are having major changes done to that faucet.

If, however, you aren’t really going all out on your NYC bathroom renovation, then saving money on certain areas whenever you can is probably relevant to your interests.

Faucets are simple machines; their sole purpose is to provide a flow of water in a single area in your bathroom with adjustable pressure. Most faucets, you see, will have a valve mechanism along with some moving parts, which are sealed to prevent any leaks.

People check their faucets for problems for two reasons, either to replace it or to repair it. There are four common kinds of faucet found within most homes: disc type, ball type, cartridge type, and the stem type.

The most common problem between all kinds of faucets is the washers and cartridges wearing itself out. Below are a few other common problems:

  • If the pressure is weak, the aerator may be clogged. You will need to replace the filter.
  • If the water drains while the stopper is closed, it could be that your valve or your drain is faulty. You can try smoothing it out or replacing the whole valve.
  • A damaged O-ring normally causes leaks on the base of your faucet. Simply replace the offending item.

It is always a good idea to keep the manual that comes with your faucet as it normally contains a diagram of all of the parts. Having this will make it easier to take your faucet apart.

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