General Tips on How to Work with a Professional Designer

Posted on November 11, 2018

When talking about hiring a professional designer for a home renovation, most people would easily think that the expert job is to fill in the aesthetic gaps we usually miss like lighting fixtures, window treatments, wall colors and sheet patterns. The thing with expert renovators is that they actually dig deeper than the surface of interior design. These experts go as deep as understanding your house’s historic background, your drainage and piping system, your backyard’s topographical make up, as well as the individual personality of your family members. Moreover, working with a designer does not work by simply calling them up and leaving everything to them. There are things a homeowner needs to understand when working with experts and this is what this article is about. The following are general tips on how to work well with an expert renovator:

  1. Understand what an expert renovator does – First of all, you need to know what the renovator will do for you so both your job coverage are clear. Renovators conceptualize designs and plans for your house that will both be aesthetically pleasing and purposeful. What you might come up with may undoubtedly be beautiful but not functionally ideal. When talking about an NYC remodel for example, NYC apartments are known to be some of the most stylish living spaces in the world. Hence, regardless of size, homeowners consult with expert renovators to know what combination of style and function will work well in their small apartments. Remember that interior design does not follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Your house has its own character, which a renovator will help you understand before you can come up with an efficient design plan.
  2. Make sure you share the similar artistic perspectives – Working with an expert interior decorator is much like working with an office assistant. You will not work well if you do not at least share similar interests. Hence, before hiring an expert, make sure you two share the same artistic perspectives and inclinations. This way you can assure that s/he will understand why you want a particular design to be applied in a particular way. This will also limit misunderstanding and communication issues.
  3. Be clear on what stays and what is okay to give away – One thing you need to know about interior decorators is that when they think something must go, it will go. For homeowners however, this is not always easy as there are things that are close to the heart and are simply difficult to let go of. Hence, to avoid any dramas during the renovation, be clear with your decorator about what pieces you want to keep and what pieces are okay to put away.

When renovating a home, may it be a small NYC remodel or a full blows suburban townhouse renovation, remember that there are things beyond our understanding as layman to interior design. Expert renovators however will do their job as best as they could, and might actually step on your toes on some points that you do not understand as a non-expert, but the key here is that you build a good rapport from the start so that communication comes easy between you and your decorator.

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