Using Glass in NYC Bathroom Remodeling

Posted on January 8, 2019

As building materials are concerned, few are as flexible as glass. In most bathrooms they are used for mirrors and shower enclosures and little else. But in other bathrooms, glass is the most dominant material to be found. Glass can be used for the vanity; for decorative accents on windows and walls; and even on the walls or floors as glass tiles.

The reason for this is because of the clear advantages that come with glass. They are very durable, they are easy to manipulate making it possible to place countless designs on them, and they come in various styles. We have frosted glass, stained glass, clear glass, and bubble glass just to name a few.

Other advantages are that they are easy to maintain and very easy to clean. A lot of specific designs and styles can only be achieved using glass and these cannot be imitated by other materials. They can be colored in any way and using them on the floor their beauty and sparkle give more depth to any given space.

You are also given more options for how you want your tiles to be shaped, allowing for unlimited design possibilities. Glass can be cut into any shape desirable so if you are feeling particularly creative with your NYC bathroom remodeling plans, look no further for what sort of material to use.

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