Granite Counters in the Kitchen

Posted on March 12, 2019

Granite is almost always found in NYC kitchen remodeling plans. Granite is normally seen as a luxurious, durable, and stylish material. It is also a versatile material that is ideal for kitchen counters.

Granite is quite expensive. Depending on the quality, you may have to pay over $120 per sq ft of granite. Granite is used very often by those who are looking to raise the overall value of their home.

As aforementioned, granite is a durable, tough material. It resists scratching and will not lose its color. Another reason that makes granite perfect for NYC kitchen remodeling is that it resists heat. It will, however, require semi-annual maintenance, as it is a porous material; you will need to reseal it every 6 months.

When picking out designs of granite, keep in mind that most designs or this material are limited and may not always be consistent. The veins of each slab of granite are unique, just as each snowflake is unique. There are two kinds of granite that are used most often for NYC kitchen remodeling plans.

Consistent granite

This kind has a uniform pattern on it. It is easy to match the seams and is ideal for counters.

Variegated granite

This kind will come with the appearance of churned veins with different degrees of color. While it is not easy to match along the seams, variegated granite has a very unique look to it.

Choose your materials carefully and be sure that everything complements each other before actually paying for anything. Consult your NYC kitchen remodeling expert to ensure you do not regret any purchases.

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