Great Ideas for a Functional and Practical Laundry Room

Posted on November 22, 2018

When asked about your most favorite part of the house, the laundry room maybe the last thing on your mind; which is understandable, laundry is not what most people will consider their most favorite thing in the world. And when talking about apartment remodeling, have you ever thought about making over the laundry room so you can appreciate doing the laundry more? Perhaps that is just what you need. So here are some functional and practical laundry room design ideas to get you inspired:

  1. Add in a sewing and ironing station – One way of making the laundry room more interesting is by bringing in stations that will make it easier for you to the things that are nonetheless next to doing the laundry such as sewing missing buttons, and ironing clothes. You may repurpose one of those lower cabinets as a place for your pull out ironing board; and for the sewing station, just fill on basket with threads, buttons, and pin cushions with different needles so mending garments can be within reach.
  2. Raise the washer and dryer – You may not have thought of this but that pain in your back whenever you reach down for the laundry in these machines should never be taken for granted. Make laundry time more pleasing by raising the washer and dryer to an appropriate lever to make it more comfortable for you to work with them. Raise their platforms for a few more inches and match the tiling with the floor tiles. Adjust the cabinets on top accordingly.
  3. Add a washing station for the pets – Still struggling to wash your pets in the shower or in the sink? Why not make it comfortable for the both of you by dedicating a small corner of the living room for this purpose? This will be great especially if your laundry is near the backdoor or has access to the back yard where your pets usually play. Tile the washing station according to the theme of the room so cleaning it will be easier too.

Sometimes, homeowners makeover simply to make their places look better. However, apartment remodeling should also be about making the house more functional and easy to use. So make laundry time easier and more fun by considering these laundry room design ideas on your next makeover.

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