Great Ideas on Livening up Your Living Room through Simple Coffee Table Tricks

Posted on November 15, 2018

Nothing beats a house that leaves a lasting impression to its guests. Sometimes, no matter how simple an apartment’s layout is, it will leave a good impression to visitors as long as it has a smart and creative design. When speaking of leaving a lasting impression to guests, the first room you need to be concerned of is obviously the living room. This is the first room in the house your guests will see; hence, it is only fitting that you plan its design as best as you could if your objective is to affect the formation of good first impression among people who enter your house. However, this can be challenging for people who have small living areas. People living in New York City for example, often need to do crucial living room remodels just to maximize the little space they have. But regardless if you have a small or big living room, you can actually liven it up to leave a good impression among your guests through the following coffee table design tricks:

  1. Brown animal print rug + polished red-wood coffee table – Most of the time, the beauty of the room depends on coherence. Sometimes, no matter how expensive or rare your living room fixtures are, if they do not form a consistent theme for the room, it will only look weird. To make this part of your apartment more striking, you could simply bring in an animal print rug (ideally with dark brown prints) and a polished red wood coffee table. These elements form the center of the living room; and once you achieve some sense of coherence through these elements, it will be easy for the rest of the room to follow through.
  2. Rustic, farm house coffee table + some glass terrariums, old coffee pot and books – Wood and plants are always a refreshing combinations as it makes us feel closer to nature. This is a good trick to incorporate in a city dwelling where people usually feel far from a natural environment. A rustic appeal also brings in a homier feel. So to complete that rustic and comfy effect, bring in an old, decorative coffee pot and some books to not only mesmerize your guests with but to also entertain them.
  3. Bell jar domes or cookie jars, not with cookies, but with books – Everybody will of course love some sweet treats on your coffee table; however, if you want to leave a more creative impression among your guests, replace the pastries with things that will make it look uncanny yet innovative. Aside from actually looking very pretty on your coffee table, these book jars will also add in an element of surprise. I mean, who would expect books in a jar, right? For a more awesome effect, fill the jars with interesting books that your guests will actually love.

living room remodel is usually very challenging because of the objective of leaving a good first impression. Of course, all of us want the best first impression. However, sometimes, a good first impression depends on an element of surprise and wonder. So, do not be intimidated with the thought and follow these coffee table tricks in order to instantly liven up your living room.

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