Great Ideas on How to Mix and Match Prints for a Living Room Remodel

Posted on November 21, 2018

There are many reasons why homeowners do apartment renovations. Some do it to address space limitations, functional and structural problems, and some do it to give their apartments a more interesting character. When remodeling a living room for example, there are many ways on how we can make it more interesting. If you are into plains and neutrals, designers will surely encourage you to try out bold prints for a change. But when speaking of prints, a lot of people get easily intimidated. How will they know which prints to get? What prints go together and what prints should not be matched? There are lots of rules in interior design, and rules about prints may easily daunt homeowners who are doing a remodel for the first time. Hence, if you are planning to remodel your living room, here are few tips on how you can overcome the intimidation of mixing and matching prints:

  1. Determine a color palette that you are interested in – The challenge of mixing and matching prints usually comes from not knowing what goes together due to the absence of unifying factor. The easiest way to create coherence through prints is by determining a base color palette to work on. From these base colors, choose corresponding patterns and prints that look best together.
  2. When working with large, bold prints, use a more neutral color as base – Bold and distinctive prints will create an instant character makeover for your living room. However, bold patterns cannot go with bright wall paints. Use neutral tones instead to balance the boldness of the prints. Consult a designer or a color consultant if you are confused on what neutral tone goes best with your choice of prints.
  3. Find inspiration from your recent travels and adventures – Your travel experiences can actually help a lot in identifying themes and materials for your apartment renovation. When choosing matching prints for example, be inspired from the cultural themes and motifs you remember from your trips. An oriental-inspired living room for example, may use a lot of ideas you had from your latest Asian trip. Go over your pictures and get some ideas on clever prints to incorporate to your living room remodel.

Choosing prints and fabrics can really be a challenging task to undertake when remodeling a room. Always remember that the key is to create a sense of coherence when putting different prints together. Remember, prints can never be too distinctive. It only takes a matter of having a coherent theme and putting complementing elements together according to it.

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