Going Green in your Bathroom part I

Posted on January 28, 2019

Most NYC bathroom remodeling plans aren’t normally made with energy efficient solutions in mind and focus mainly on design, layout, and atmosphere. While those three are undoubtedly very important, going green in the bathroom is rapidly becoming more popular and is making its way in most people’s priority list. The following are a few tips to lessen your consumption in the bathroom.

Conserve water

The most obvious tip is to make sure you turn off the tap after you finish. There are also several attachments you can buy like low-pressure aerators or showerheads to minimize water waste. It is also a good idea to install dual flush toilets as these can save a few thousand gallons every year.

Toilet use

When it comes to using toilet paper, remember that rolling over is more efficient than rolling under. Also, use recycled paper as these really aren’t as bad as they’re made out to be by some people.

Remember: put the lid down before you flush as this is much more hygienic. Install a dual flush retrofit on your toilet if possible.

Avoid disposable products

The only disposable item in your bathroom should be toilet paper. Start a habit of using reusable rags for cleaning your bathroom. You can also choose to buy refillable containers for cleaning agents so that you can reuse spray bottles instead of needlessly throwing them away.

Be wary of your shower curtain

There are shower curtains that use polyvinyl chloride, otherwise known as PVC, plastic. This releases harmful compounds so it is best to avoid it. if you can, keep your bathroom very well ventilated with windows or an exhaust.

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