Green Bathroom Renovation Part I

Posted on January 29, 2019

Most American homes have inefficient, poorly designed bathrooms. Shower areas are slipper, the toilets take up too much water, and it is normally ill equipped to handle proper ventilation. Strangely enough, the bathroom is still one of the more expensive areas to renovate.

The biggest problems surrounding the average bathroom would be the following:

  • Fixtures are normally placed right next to each other. It saves space but it is unhygienic to have the toilet right next to the shower.
  • Toilets flush down excessive amounts of water.
  • Poor ventilation leads to poor air quality.
  • Too much money goes to heating the water.

These are but the most common problems plaguing the average bathroom. Here are a few things you should include in your NYC bathroom remodeling plans in order to minimize your waste as well as your utility bills and run a more clean and efficient bathroom.

Save the water.

The bathroom normally comprises half of all the water you use. Installing efficient fixtures could help you save a lot of water. There are fixtures available which collects reusable water and redirects it to the toilet or your garden.

Efficient design

People spend a lot of time in bathrooms so it only makes sense to make it as pleasant a place as can be. Whenever possible, include windows for natural light and a view. Keep the toilet isolated to discourage bacteria from spreading.

Proper toilets & sinks

As mentioned above, there are toilets and sinks that can help you use water more efficiently. It doesn’t make sense that you should use drinking water for flushing. Install fixtures that will recycle the water and use it for other areas of the house that does not need clean water and consider a dual flush toilet as well.

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