Green Bathroom Renovation Part II

Posted on October 29, 2019

There are plenty of reasons to include green highly efficient fixtures in your NYC bathroom remodeling plans. We continue where we left off and cite more reasons for why it would be in your best interests to go green. Keep in mind that this may cost a bit more initially, it will pay for itself in due time as the utility bills will be much lower. Add that to the fact that your bathroom will also have a better design and be a more hygienic area.

Proper Materials

Include certain kinds of materials in your NYC bathroom remodeling plans. Specifically, use those that combat mold and are easy to clean. Examples of such materials are water resistant woods and cork would make great flooring. Walls can be lined with ceramic or recycled glass or you can use eco friendly paint. Countertops can be comprised of paperstone and richlite or other eco-friendly materials.

Shower safety

Showers are dangerous areas of the house and most accidents occur in this area. It would definitely be in your best interests to make this area as safe as can be. Install hand bars to help you balance yourself along with non-slip flooring. It may sound excessive but you simply have to think about those times you slipped or almost slipped in the shower.


Bathrooms provide the ideal area for bacteria and mold to grow. It is warm and damp. There are two ways of preventing growth of mold and mildew: you can clean regularly with chemicals and bleach or you can include a heat recovery ventilator in your NYC bathroom remodeling plans. This will keep the air in your bathroom fresh and will steadily keep the airflow in your bathroom constant to keep it from getting too humid. Pair this along with an exhaust fan with a timer to ensure your bathroom stays clean and fresh.

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