Guidelines for Bathroom Storage

Posted on February 6, 2019

Like most other heavily frequented rooms in your house, the bathroom will need a detailed and systematic plan for storage. Here are a few rules to follow during your bathroom remodeling to ensure that you use the available space in the best possible ways. The first step is to categorize all of things within your bathroom.

Everyday items

These are the items that you use every day whenever you visit the bathroom. These include toothbrush, hair dryer, soap, shampoo, and the razor. These items should be in the most accessible parts of your bathroom — you should be able to find them even with your eyes closed. Your bathroom remodeling should include shelves or cabinets for these things.

Occasional items

These are things in the bathroom that is used once a week or once a month. Put them in areas that aren’t so easy to reach. Areas where you may have to stretch or bend just to have access to; like under the sink or storage cupboard. These items should include unclogging solutions, first aid kit, extra soaps and shampoos.

Rare items

Put these in the hardest to reach parts of your bathroom. Items that belong here include heavy-duty acid-based cleaners, wax for hair removal, etc. having storage areas like these is common in many bathroom remodeling plans. Just don’t make these spaces to spacious.

Some people though, no matter what they do, always end up with clutter around the bathroom. Items like tiny sample sachets, disposable cosmetics, certain perfumes, etc. are the biggest culprits when it comes to bathroom clutter. If you’re having trouble throwing them away, here are some quick facts about these items.

  • Liquid items provide a good environment for bacteria to thrive in. Creams and foundations for over six months old should be thrown away.
  • Colognes and perfumes can lose their smell after three years.
  • Using expired makeup can cause skin infections.
  • Wax-based cosmetic products like lipstick or lip balm become hard and brittle if kept too long.

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