Holiday Decorations that will Look Good for the Whole Year

Posted on December 21, 2018

A lot of people consider Christmas their favorite holiday all for many good reasons. First, you get to come home to your family and spend the holidays with the same, warm and fuzzy feeling of just being at home and being the ones you love. And for people who are really fond of dressing up their apartments, it is a great time to put up those beautiful decorations that make the spirit of the season more felt, hence easier to celebrate. However, while we all enjoy putting up and ogling at these elements, we all get that unpleasant feeling when it is finally time to keep them away. If there is only a way we can keep Christmas decorations for the whole year. The truth is, we actually can keep them! If you are one of those people who love the Christmas spirit so much and wonder how to keep the decorations for the rest of the year, here are some holiday decorations that certainly look good for the whole year:

  1. Ruffled paper garlands – The internet is a very educational tool for DIY projects that help a lot when we are decorating our apartments for the holidays. Today, a lot of people have already learned to substitute the traditional poinsettia flowers to beautiful and colorful ruffled paper garlands. We all know how poinsettias easily identify with the Christmas season, so in as much as we want to keep them around, it may not be really fitting to do so. Paper garlands on the other hand have that neutral character in them that makes them a safe holiday decoration to keep for all the year’s seasons.
  2. Pillar candles – The flicker of these candles mixed with the twinkling Christmas lights is an essential for the holidays. There is just something about candles that make the home more intimate and warmer. There are many designer pillar candles out there that you can spruce-up your home with; however, expensive or not, candles are a safe choice for you if you want to keep some of those holiday decorations for the whole year. Obviously, candles do not have as much rigid relation to Christmas as all the other holiday decorations; hence, it will be safe to keep these beautiful elements as they are for the rest of the year.
  3. Unique and non-traditional tree toppers – Instead for the traditional star, a lot of people nowadays already go for unique toppers like an Eiffel tower, a cartoon character figure, a glass swan, and many other alternatives. The thing with these elements is that they do not have that direct relation to Christmas; thus making it okay for us to keep them for the rest of the year. These toppers can go well with your center table in the living room, or beside that designer artwork in the entryway.

We all love some good holiday décor. And in as much as we love to keep the decorations for the whole year, most of it just do not fit all the other seasons. Hence, the next time you decorate for Christmas, consider these ideas that will not only make your holiday decoration more unique, but will also allow you keep and enjoy such elements for the rest of the year.

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