How Bathroom Contractors Work

Posted on June 19, 2019

When making bathroom remodeling plans, most people choose to hire a contractor whereas other choose to do all the work themselves. Doing all the work in a bathroom renovation, however, is not recommended, as there are many aspects of it that should be left to professionals. Here is how the work may proceed if you choose to hire a contractor.

Design plans

Before any work begins, the design will always be planned and reviewed. You can expect a good contractor to have a few template designs to choose from if you need help making a decision. Depending on the customer, choosing a design can take a long time, as some people are uncertain of what is ideal for them. No point in rushing this, take all the time you need as it will be a design you will need to live with for a long time.


Once the design is chosen, the contractor will tear out everything that needs replacing. They will normally hire a hauling truck to get rid of the garbage. If you want to save some money, you can do the demolition yourself, as it is not a difficult task. Some people even enjoy it.

Wiring & plumbing

The next step is to inspect and repair any plumbing or wiring requirements. Basic building codes must be followed as an inspection is normally done at this point.

Fixture installation

It will then be time to install fixtures. Things like the shower, a tub, the toilet, or the sink will then be added in at this point.

Surfaces and cabinets

The last step is usually the flooring and other surfaces along the bathroom. Walls are painted, cabinets are placed, and all the final adjustments continue. There will also be another inspection after this is done.

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