How common scams by remodeling contractors raise price of remodeling

Posted on March 6, 2019

The cost of remodeling has, over the recent past, remained very high; not only because of significant shifts in material prices, but also because of scammers. Because of con-artists getting away with the money of some unfortunate people, the overall risks have been raised high. Many genuine contractors have turned to insurance companies to secure their work and even workers. This serves as an additional cost that is ultimately passed onto their clients. Since the average person does their best to avoid a scam, contractors who are insured tend to have better results when it comes to advertising their services and finding new clients.

Scammers often ask for payment upfront and never turn up to do the remodeling. If you find any contractor asking for large upfront, dismiss him. Never agree to pay more than 33% upfront. Remember that before you even pay the 33% make sure to authenticate the identity and professionalism of the contractor. There are varying laws on this depending on your state. Some bathroom remodeling companies do not even ask for upfront payments but those that do, commonly ask between 10% and 25%.

When you unknowingly hire a scammer for your bathroom remodeling, the quotation you get for the entire task is either exaggeratedly low or absurdly high. Most of them take advantage of clients because they know people rarely go shopping for bathroom items except when they break down – hence are unlikely to know current prices. It is critical that you do a background check for the quotation that you receive to be sure that the prices reflect what is currently offered in the market. In some cases, contractors include high priced items in your bathroom remodeling but will install cheap alternatives to further raise their profit.

In conclusion, Finding a bathroom remodeling contractor you can trust will easily pay for itself in the long run. Although it is still recommended that you find fairly priced quotes regardless.

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