Ideas on How to Smoothly Transition from one Interior Design to Another

Posted on December 9, 2018

Sometimes, no matter how much we love something there will come a time when we will develop a liking for something different. Homeowners who have gone through several apartment remodels will relate to this as this happens a lot when it comes to interior design preference. The problem is that, when a homeowner remodels a house to a apply a particular design or layout, it may not be long enough when he or she will develop a preference over a different design. It can be confusing when this happens, as changes can be really drastic. So how can we actually deal with this erratic tendency when it comes to interior design? Here are some tips on how to do quick and simple modifications to your home that will create a significant change of appearance:

  1. Bring in new art works – Sometimes, people get tired of their home design quickly because there is nothing interesting for the eyes to rest at. Try to bring in some of those beautiful paintings from the art exhibit. Aside from creating an entirely different look for your wall, this will also provide you with an interesting focal point and conversation piece.
  2. Simplify accent pieces and accessories – You may be having a hard time determining what makes you easily bored about interior design. So before doing any drastic changes, try changing some of your accent pieces and accessories, because sometimes, all you need is to open your space up, and simplify what you see around. Perhaps there is simply too much going on. So before adding more elements into the picture, try to simplify existing accent pieces first. Your eyes might only need a little break.
  3. Go classic – One of the usual reasons why there is a need for an apartment remodel in the first place is to update your theme. If you find yourself constantly needing to update, perhaps it’s time to get it back to basics and to timeless concepts. Go for designs that will look good no matter what year it is so that you will not easily feel having a home that is outdated whenever something new comes up.

There are many ways how you can transform the look of your instantly. You can do this by painting the walls an entirely different color, by bringing in new furniture and accent pieces, and by changing the layout of the room; however, if you find yourself constantly needing to change things, there may always be something missing in you design (ie. balance, contrast, interesting focal point). Hence, keep these ideas in mind so you can create a more lasting design for your home, and so you can transition from one design to another easier.

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