The Importance of Hiring a Licensed Electrical Technician

Posted on July 29, 2019

Electrical work is almost always a part of most home improvement projects. Whether you’re having new lights installed, replacing your water heater, or installing new outlets for electrical appliances in your New York apartment, any job that entails some electrical work requires the services of a licensed electrician or electrical technician. While some homeowners might prefer to do the work themselves, especially if it’s just a minor electric job, it’s always best to just hire the services of a professional electrician rather than to do it yourself especially if you’re unsure about the complexity of the task at hand. Listed below are reasons why you should hire an electrician for any improvement that requires electrical work:

Safety First

While hiring an electrical technician for your New York Apartment can be expensive, the benefits will most certainly outweigh the costs. You should always prioritize your safety and that of your family’s. Working with electricity requires special tools and skills that you might not always have at your disposal. Hiring a professional is especially important if you are adding sockets and outlets for new appliances. Even if you think you’ve accomplished the job properly, any mistake you make in the wiring can be detrimental to your safety.


Electrical technicians are highly experienced in their field. All electricians in NYC are duly licensed by the NY Department of Buildings. Licensing requires 7.5 years of experience or at least 10500 hours worth of experience in electrical work, particularly in the alteration, repair, or installation of electrical wiring, appliances, lighting, and other electrical facilities. If you want the job to be accomplished properly and efficiently, you would do well to hire a licensed electrical technician.


Most New York apartments and buildings have strict regulations regarding permits. Depending on the extent of the electrical work, you might not be given permission to alter or add to any electrical outlets in your New York apartment without the services of a licensed electrical technician so it’s better to just comply with your building’s requirements to avoid any delays and hassles while undergoing renovations.

Hiring a licensed electrical technician will also save you money in the long run, as you will be lessening the risk of faulty wiring and damages later on. Plus, they are equipped with the necessary insurance should your apartment incur any damages from the electrical work they have provided.

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