Important Information Regarding Vessel Sinks

Posted on March 6, 2019

For those of you who are making NYC bathroom remodeling plans and are interested in installing a vessel sink, there are some vital information about this kind of sink that you must know about beforehand.

While a vessel sink does look good and can complement the entire design of your bathroom, there are a few downsides to it.


Installing vessel sinks can raise the price of your NYC bathroom remodeling since it requires a more complicated installation procedure.


Most vessel sinks do not come with relief drains that can lead to problems with overflowing if the main drain is not properly maintained. Ensuring the drain is used properly and cleaned regularly will solve this issue.


Because of how it is designed, water tends to splash about the drain and may make a mess in its general vicinity. To address this, you must install faucets that are designed specifically for vessel sinks.


You will need to be extra careful around vessel sinks as they are more prone to chipping since their corners are exposed. The material you choose matters a lot. Placing it in a bathroom that is not frequented by children or guests should keep it in good condition.


This is easily overlooked. You must factor in the height of the sink before installing it. A few people have made the mistake of having the vessel sink too high making it awkward for most people to use.

Vessel sinks are luxurious and look better than most sinks but one should not jump into it too quickly. It is always better to know more about what you could be getting yourself into before jumping headfirst with NYC bathroom remodeling.

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