Improving the Floor for the Holidays: Creative Ideas on Using Area Rugs

Posted on December 19, 2018

It is winter time again, and scarves and sweaters are once again the fad of the season. And while the fashion trends these days allow us to remain warm through frosty weather, the house has a similar need to feel warm too. Much like how we dress up for the holidays, there are ways on how we can improve the house to look warmer this season. When dealing with floorings, for example, there are lots of creative ways to use rugs not only to dress it up but to keep our toes warm in the house. Planning a remodel in time for the holidays should not only be about the decorations and how the apartment would look. More importantly, it should be about how we can make each other feel warm and cozy amidst the holiday chill. So to give you an idea how to improve your flooring as you do an apartment remodel for the holidays, here are creative tips on how to use area rugs:

  1. Use large area rugs to distinguish between rooms – One of the most common issues addressed by remodels are space constraints. Putting down walls is a common way of solving this dilemma as it opens up an area in the house. This however, will make it difficult to distinguish between rooms are there are no separators. This is where an area rug becomes very useful. There are rug manufacturers that make carpets according to the exact dimensions you need them to be. Measure your living room’s floor area for example, and fill it with a colorful area rug to separate it from the kitchen or the dining area.
  2. Rugs over carpets – Have you encountered that dilemma where you placed a beautiful carpet in a room and the flooring still looked stale? Sometimes no matter what you do, this is just difficult to correct. However, a clever way of addressing this is by placing a colorful or fur rug over a plain, neutral carpet. Worried about over decoration? Don’t. Depending on your placement, this is a great way to incorporate contrast and variety in your room design.
  3. Create a dramatic entrance – Have you ever dreamed of walking in your house on a red carpet? Well, it should not exactly be a red carpet, but you could use some long, colorful rugs to accentuate that stretch of flooring in your entry way. Since you are doing an apartment remodel that will most likely affect your visitors’ first impression of your home, why not create a great first impression by wowing them with your flooring as they go through the entry way?

When doing a remodel, it is very important to also pay attention to your flooring. Especially for the holidays, we all want our guests to have warm toes; not only that, we all want them to be amazed and fascinated by how you were able to dress up your house, not only through holiday décor, but through creative area rugs applications as well.

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