Incorporating an Herb Garden in Your Kitchen Design

Posted on May 14, 2019

For cooking enthusiasts, nothing beats the flavor out of home grown herbs. Growing your own herbs and spices to use for your recipes is not difficult and the plants also add a touch of class to your kitchen décor.

For those of you looking to include an herb garden in your NYC kitchen design, here are a few tips and suggestions before making this lovely addition to your kitchen.

  • Think about which herbs and spices you use most often and try to find out if they grow well indoors. It would also be relevant to your interests to find out if they are easy to maintain.
  • The best time to take transplants from an outdoor garden would be during fall.
  • When transplanting plants from outdoor gardens, ensure that you are not unwarily bringing in any unwanted pests.
  • If transplanting, make sure to trim down the plant. This will lessen the trauma of transplanting it, as it will not have to support many flowers and leaves.
  • Be sure that the plant you are transplanting is not producing seeds. Seeds normally mean that planting cycle has ended for this season.
  • If you lack space, you can place different herbs in a single container. Just be sure that they get the moisture and sunlight that they need.
  • No matter how small your plant is, if you trim it often then more stems will grow to produce more herb. Your plant will become small but bountiful.
  • Be sure that the position of your garden gets at least 6 hours of sunlight everyday.

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