Installing Kitchen Countertops

Posted on July 8, 2019

When most people undergo major kitchen remodeling, they often focus too much on the type of material they want to use for their kitchen that they forget about properly preparing for the remodel. One of the most important aspects of the kitchen to prepare for is kitchen countertop installation. A lot more goes into the process of installation than just choosing the material you want for the countertops. If you are having new countertops installed, you might want to take note of the following things:

Make Sure That You Pick Out a Sink Before The Countertop

The sink is a crucial part of the kitchen and therefore, you should make sure that you make provisions for it before installing your countertops. Choosing the sink first is important so that by the time your contractor gets to countertop installation, they can tweak the countertop to fit the sink. Depending on the type of sink you choose, you might have to tweak the cabinets underneath to make enough space for the sink so it’s crucial that the sink is chosen first before the countertop itself.

Countertop Height

You should also consider how high or low you want the countertop to be. This can be adjusted according to your preferences. Most kitchen countertops are 36 inches high but you can always have the height tweaked to accommodate you and your family.

Countertop Foundation

Most countertops are supported by the cabinets underneath but you should consider the foundations of your countertop especially if you plan to leave niches or spaces for certain kitchen appliances like free-standing stoves, ovens, and dishwashers. Make sure that there’s enough support underneath to accommodate what you plan to put on top. You can discuss this with a kitchen remodeling professional to ensure that you know just how much weight your counters can support.

Countertop installation is a pretty complicated process so you have to ensure that you and the kitchen remodeling professional you hire are adequately prepared for the task.

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