Is That Your Toilet?

Posted on February 12, 2019

When the average person makes bathroom remodeling plans, they don’t really pay much attention to a toilet’s characteristics past its looks. A toilet, however, is more than its image; there are various factors that you should consider including, size, height, and functionality within your bathroom.

Fits like a glove

It may surprise absolutely none of you to know that there are thousands of different toilets available in today’s market. A lot of people prefer elongated oval shaped toilets but if you have a small bathroom, a round bowl may be more suited to your bathroom remodeling. As an added bonus, round bowls are usually cheaper too.

Think of the height of the toilet as well, the average toilet stands at 14 inches. If you are a tall person, getting a toilet higher than this would be more comfortable. Taller toilets are also easier to use for most people as it makes standing and sitting take up less effort.

Style it up

There are various kinds of toilets available; the following will be a few examples. You have the basic one-piece toilet that comes with a tank and bowl – seen in almost every bathroom everywhere. You could try a two-piece toilet which are usually slightly cheaper or maybe a wall-mounted toilet to save space and make cleaning your bathroom much easier.


So you’ve got the right size, style, and shape you want for your bathroom remodeling, but did you make sure that the toilet you choose flushes efficiently? Modern toilets use 1.6 gallons of water each time they flush. For comparison, much older toilets would use twice as much water.

Understand that some toilets will function better so bringing up the issue with the salesman might actually be very relevant to your interests. Remember: the amount of water you use whenever you flush will reflect on your monthly bills so picking an efficient toilet can actually save you some money in the long term.

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