A Japanese Bathtub For Your NYC Bathroom Remodeling

Posted on March 5, 2019

Those of you who keep themselves updated with the latest trends in NYC bathroom remodeling are surely aware of Japanese bathtubs. The sleekness in its oriental design and the features that it comes with offers a relaxing and comfortable bath experience that traditional tubs have always lacked in a certain way.

There are a few kinds these of tubs that are roomier and are made of a unique kind of wood that will keep the tub warm and prevent any heat from dissipating around the bathroom. A Japanese tub is also deeper so that its user can more easily soak their entire body without having to awkwardly change position.

There are different kinds of Japanese tubs available. They are available in different sizes and can even fit inside smaller bathrooms.

Takagi soaking tub

These are very deep tubs that weigh very little and are easy to install. They can save a lot of space in your bathroom as they are compact and do not need as much water as a regular tub. They also have different features depending on the model that you choose such as thermostats, jets, timers, etc.

Sakura soaking tub

These tubs are like miniature spas that come equipped with a variety of different features. They are designed to accommodate two people and offer different bathing experiences ranging from, gentle massage, to strong invigorating flow. Unlike the other Japanese tubs, however, these come with a heavy price tag.

Ofulo Tub

These tubs are ideal for those who aren’t comfortable with sitting down in their tub. They are similar in length to traditional tubs but are made extra deep. It is easy to move around in this tub and allows its user to lie down while bathing just as a regular tub would.

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