Keeping Pets Safe During a Renovation

Posted on September 5, 2019

While it is already a tough challenge for us to go through a renovation, it can also be an equally difficult and dangerous thing for our pets to go through. Renovating takes a lot of considerations. There are lots of cost considerations, technical planning, and safety issues. Renovating in busy cities like New York can make this endeavor more challenging; and having pets around will only make it almost impossible. Doing an apartment renovation in NYC could mean having to deal with tight spaces where our pets can easily hurt themselves during construction. Hence as responsible homeowners and pet owners, we cannot neglect and disregard our pet’s safety when doing an apartment renovation project in the city. Here are few tips to help you with keeping your pets safe during a renovation:

  1. Never leave the pets around the decorator’s work area – Leaving your pets where there is so much work to be done is a bad idea. Your decorator may love animals as much as you do, but you should never allow your pets to wander around while the builders do their work. Leave them some space where they can focus on work and not get distracted by hyperactive puppies and kittens who can chew on anything they see.
  2. Secure the installation of temporary fixtures – When renovating, the installation of temporary fixtures like counters, tables and hooks on the wall is essential. It gives renovators the space they need to work on some woodwork and operate with some equipment. You need to ensure that these fixtures do not have loose parts than can be easily torn out by your pets. They could choke on sharp parts and can break the whole thing up, which can cause more serious accidents.
  3.  Keep electrical wires on levels that are inaccessible to your pets – It is important to note that pets will naturally want to chew and explore on anything. Wiring will could easily make your pets curious and feel playful. It is only safe to keep these things out of their reach to avoid electrocution.

Safety is an essential aspect in any renovation project. In as much as we all want to keep us, our families and our builders safe during construction, it is also important that we think about the safety of our pets as they are nonetheless part of the family too. Just like children, our pets will naturally be curious of what they see around, so make sure you keep these safety tips in mind to make your next renovation safe for you and your pets.

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