Killer Bathroom Lighting on a Budget

Posted on October 24, 2019

There are certain rooms in your house where good lighting should never be compromised. Your bathroom, for example, should be well lit to provide proper visibility when grooming yourself or shaving. You wouldn’t want to accidentally cut yourself while shaving because of poor visibility. In addition to helping you go about your daily bathroom rituals, good lighting can serve an aesthetic purpose as well. Nothing can add drama to a room better than great lighting. Case in point, a good bathroom showroom display area. You will see that the display showcase is well lit. Notice that there are no dark spots in the room. You may also notice that the lighting fixtures in a good display showcase will accent certain design elements in the room making it look more impressive and dramatic. Here are a few great, low cost ideas to spice up your kitchen’s lighting.

Add a chandelier

When people think of chandeliers, they usually think of huge,crystal affairs hung from high ceilings in large hallways. Most bathrooms aren’t that large and you may have reservations about adding a chandelier. However, the key to picking a good chandelier is to check the proportions of your room. Make sure that the chandelier you choose suits the width and height of your bathroom.

Drop Lights

Adding drop lights is a great way of highlighting certain aspect of your bathroom such as a countertop or a bathroom corner. In addition to this, finding great looking and affordable drop lights is not that hard. To save on costs, you can opt for plastic drop lights which often cost less than their metal counterparts.

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