Kitchen Colors

Posted on March 21, 2019

A lot of people tend to stick to plain white for their kitchens because they are afraid to experiment with color. While white is very versatile and can open up a space, it can also make your kitchen look drab and boring; especially if you don’t add accents that brighten up the place. Adding a bit of color or a whole lot of it really can’t hurt if you know what you’re doing. If it’s hard for you to imagine what a certain color would look like when painted on your kitchen walls, you may want to visit a kitchen showroom to have a personal look at your options. The following colors are great options for kitchens:

Bright and Sunny

When working with color, you don’t necessarily have to think of wall color, as you can add color to your kitchen cabinetry, shelves, kitchen islands, and chairs. Yellow is a great color to work with, as it can really brighten up a space. If you have dark wood floors and cabinets, you may want to go for a softer shade of yellow to balance it out. Go for a pastel shade or very warm yellow. You can also use various shades of yellow; a combination of light and bold yellow shades can work really well. You can paint only a part of your wall in a very bright yellow and leave the rest white. Go to a kitchen showroom and check out kitchens that make use of the color yellow to see how you might like it in your own home.


Gray is a safe option, as it is more on the neutral side than yellow. It’s also a popular option in many modern kitchens. Depending on the shade of gray you choose, your kitchen can look great but it can also look a bit washed out. Make sure there is a balance between light and dark. If you opt for dark walls, then choose countertops, appliances, and accent pieces that are lighter in color. You can also pair up gray with brighter accent pieces like yellow or orange chairs, a pop of red here and there, or maybe even some pink. Gray is neutral so it goes with just about everything but make sure you choose the right shade to complement your space.

When considering color swatches, you can always go to a kitchen showroom for some inspiration. In a kitchen showroom, you’ll have a much better idea of how a particular color will look in an actual physical location, which is always better than just looking at magazine pictures.

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