Kitchen Countertop Materials: Ceramic Tiles

Posted on January 13, 2019

The material most commonly found within most kitchens today is ceramic tile. For many people making NYC kitchen remodeling plans, ceramic tile is almost always found in at least one part of the kitchen. The reasons for this become obvious after a quick review on the qualities of ceramic tiles. Although it is rarely used for countertops, it does not mean that is ill-suited for such a task.

The trend in a majority of kitchens today is to have easily maintained counters with a seamless design; which is the very reason ceramics are avoided as materials for counters. When making a counter out of ceramic tiles, be sure to get specialized tiles designed specifically for use on counters as regular tiles are too thin and will not be able to withstand the daily abuse that a kitchen counter goes through.

Ceramic tiles are commonly used in other areas of the kitchen like the floor or as a backsplash. Ceramic tiles are usually placed upon a plywood substrate but can also go directly on top of plastic laminate countertops. To ensure the durability of your counters, place the tiles upon a ¾ inch thick plywood with a ½ inch thick cement overlay.

The cost of getting a ceramic tile countertop is difficult to estimate as it varies wildly. It depends on the quality and design of your chosen tiles; and the chosen method of installation. Be prepared to spend around $1 to $5 per sq ft.

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