Kitchen Countertop Materials: Natural Stone

Posted on January 11, 2019

We live in an age where choosing something seemingly simple, a countertop, was once a quick, no-hassle affair. This is solely because of the various different kinds available in today’s market. When making NYC kitchen remodeling plans, it would be best to take the different advantages of each countertop material in mind.

There are many kinds of natural stones that are normally used for countertops. Examples of these are soapstone, slate, and most common of all, granite. Granite was once considered as a high grade material and was used only in high end kitchens; Granite is available in a wide assortment of colors and is usually cut into thick long slabs which do not normally require seams.

The sealing process of granite can take up to 15 years but cleaning it, however, should be done with a stone cleaner and never with the more common abrasive cleansers in order to ensure the quality lasts. Granite may now be quite common in kitchens today but is not exactly the cheapest material available. Those who wish to include it in their NYC kitchen remodeling plans must be ready to pay an amount between $70 to $275 per sq ft.

In comparison with granite, slate and soapstone have few color choices between them. Soapstone is commonly available in shades of green while slate is a very dense material that common comes in red, purple, black, and green with veins of contrasting color running through.

The advantage of choosing slate is that it is very easy to maintain as liquids cannot penetrate it. Soapstone, on the other hand, will need resealing with mineral oil every so often to keep durable and neat. Slate will costs around $80 to $200 per sq ft while soapstone will be about $90 to $160 per sq ft.

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