Kitchen Countertops of Paper Composite

Posted on June 22, 2019

Natural stone counters are a good choice for kitchen remodeling. If, however, you are looking for a green alternative, then you may want to consider paper composite. To answer the first question that likely pops in mind, Yes, it is made of paper and no, it is not flimsy – quite the contrary, it is a durable material similar to soapstone.

Paper is mixed with a special resin and the result is a waterproof surface perfectly suited for kitchen remodeling. This is a flexible material that can be cut into various shapes and thicknesses. One downside though is that it has limited color options as the resin has a tendency to darken over long periods of time.  Although there are some variants of paper composite counters that do retain their color.

When purchasing counters of paper composite for kitchen remodeling, be sure to ask if the materials used are FSC certified 100% recycled paper that do not emit VOCs and do not have trace amounts of formaldehyde or petroleum.

Though they are called paper composite—make no mistake, this is a very strong material that was used in industrial applications and also used to make skate parks. They can resist extreme temperatures and will not scratch easily. If they do get scratched, they can be sanded down like other kitchen counters.

Maintenance requirements consist of sealing the surface once a year. Cleaning can be done with soapy water and will not be a problem as paper composite, although not stain proof, will not stain easily.

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