Kitchen Countertops of Recycled Aluminum

Posted on June 21, 2019

If you are a cooking enthusiast as well as an environmentalist looking to make kitchen remodeling plans, then you may want to consider using recycled aluminum counters.  This kind of countertop looks similar to stainless steel and is just as durable.

The countenance of recycled aluminum counters is that of a solid surface rather than thin metal sheets. These counters look like stone and are available in different textures. It also offers a unique aspect for your kitchen design as metal bits in the surface reflect light, creating a slight shimmering effect.

This kind of material resists stain and is available in customized shapes to allow built-in sinks and such. They are also durable and very easy to maintain making them a good choice for kitchen remodeling.

For those looking for a stainless steel appearance, you can try using sheets made with recycled aluminum. These thin materials are available in different finishes and have varying durability. They are also available in tile form and these can be placed above a wood substrate with adhesives or installed upon tile using mastic. For grouting, use silicon grout.

When looking for counters, be sure to ask how much of the counter is made with recycled aluminum. There are a few ways of making these kinds of counters and some ways are friendlier to the environment than others. It may be in your best interests to inquire from the company as to how they were made.

Since it can look like natural stone or stainless steel, recycled aluminum counters can find a place in almost any kind of kitchen remodeling and will work well with various different themes.

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