Kitchen Design NYC: Guide to Organization

Posted on October 5, 2019

Kitchens are likely the busiest areas in a majority of homes. The kitchen designer must make the kitchen conducive to a smooth work flow as well as be able store large amounts food, cookware, dinnerware, silverware, etc. efficiently. Most people can spare themselves headaches from callous time consuming searching by employing a better kitchen design when it comes to their storage. There are a myriad of different ways kitchen design NYC experts tackle the problem of organization and you owe it to yourself to be comfortable whenever working within your kitchen.

Clean it all out

The very first step is to take out every single thing within your drawers and empty all of your cabinets. Look at everything you were storing and ask yourself which of these you no longer need. Get rid of anything you never really use as well as the things you have in excess. Several kitchens have three or four can openers when they only use one. Space is a luxury within kitchens and it would be best to free some up whenever you can.

Place similar items in groups

Once everything is cleared out, take the time to consider which item goes where and keep everything similar in one spot. Kitchen tools that are used the most often should be placed somewhere easy to reach. Have groups ready for glassware, special items that are used during special occasions, tableware, pots & pans, etc. and lay them out front of you.

Time to organize

Now that everything is out in the open and properly classified, it is now time to put them in their chosen areas. Pots & pans should be closest to the range along with the baking equipment. Knives and other utensils should be close to the prep areas and glassware would be better off near the sink. Have an area reserved solely for tea or coffee and place the mugs, the sugar, and other related paraphernalia within it. If possible, have it near a water dispenser to minimize your effort when making tea or coffee.

The right containers

There is a tendency to keep small items of food scattered throughout cabinets; things like sauces, cocoa mix, and condiment packets. Place all of these into small containers to keep them from cluttering the area. To help with identifying items, try using clear see-through containers so that you know the exact contents of everything.

Keep it together

Kitchen design NYC experts recommend keeping the aforementioned containers in a single area. Use only containers with lids to keep everything neat. To avoid taking up space unnecessarily, have a large container for storing all the lids of pots and pans as well.

Do not limit yourself to surfaces

Install hooks or racks close to your countertops and hang what can be hanged such as wood stirrers, ladles, tongs, etc. This should save a lot of space while making the kitchen more efficient. You can also choose to place pots & pans on hooks within cabinets.


These are great for keeping drawers neat as it prevents the contents from being scattered about. Small miscellaneous items like cooking thermometers or peelers will finally stay in one place.
These are but a few kitchen design ideas you can choose to implement. There are several other tips which can work better for you like placing unused trash bags in the bottom of the trash can so that there will always one available. How you go about your kitchen design depends on how you work within the kitchen. Kitchen design NYC experts must know about your habits so as to be able to design a kitchen custom fit to cater your specific needs.

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