Kitchen Design with Glass

Posted on June 8, 2019

When it comes to kitchen design, glass is an underused and underestimated material. People hold the misconception of it being a fragile material. Glass, however, is quite durable and is finding itself in several kitchen remodeling plans as of late. Glass tiles are being used for all sorts of things such as backsplashes, wall tiles, counter material, etc. Here are a few interesting things about glass.

  • Glass is a durable material that is also easy to maintain. To clean glass, simply wipe it with a damp cloth and a cleaning agent. Once cleaned, it looks as good as new.
  • Glass tiles are available in countless designs, styles, and colors. You can find clear glass, translucent glass, or opaque glass in countless designs and colors.
  • Glass is sustainable and easily recycled.
  • Glass mosaics can be custom made for a unique look that reflects your personality and tastes.
  • Glass tiles can blend in with plenty of different kitchen themes and even improve certain themes.
  • Certain designs of glass, like jewel-toned turquoise, and tinged purple, can do wonders to uplift an otherwise dull kitchen.
  • Smooth glass used for backsplashes is very easy to clean and can resist very high temperatures.
  • Glass is not as expensive as other materials that are harder to maintain and keep clean.

If you are making any kitchen remodeling plans, try to at least consider using glass around the kitchen. It can do wonders for your kitchen design and give you a uniquely new kitchen. Glass can catch the eye and hold gaze like no other material can.

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