Kitchen Downsizing: Dealing with a Smaller Kitchen

Posted on September 5, 2019

When people think about remodeling their kitchens, they often think about expanding. But what if you need to use up some of the floor area of your kitchen for other things? You may want to downsize your kitchen to expand your dining room or add an extra storage area for your home. How will you deal with a smaller space? You can check out a nearby kitchen showroom to see how a smaller kitchen area might be organized. Here are a few tips.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Appliances

Some appliances take up a lot of space. If you need to downsize your kitchen, then you should also get rid of unnecessary things. Do you really need a large oven in your kitchen? Are you absolutely sure you still need your three door fridge? These are very large appliances and ask yourself if you can live with a smaller fridge or a smaller oven. You should go over all of your current appliances and get rid of the ones you rarely use.

Use Space Saving Storage Solutions

You should probably try to look for cleverly designed cabinets that have smaller space footprints while allowing maximum storage area. Aside from well-designed cabinets, you should also take advantage of your wall area. Use wall brackets for store pots and pans. You could also opt to use shelves instead of cabinets since they take up less space.

Get Rid of Excess Cookware

Pots and pans also use up a lot of space in most kitchens If you are downsizing then you should also get rid of pots and pans that you never use. Do you have a large griddle that’s never been used? Get rid of it. Keep only what you use on a daily basis.

A good kitchen showroom will often have displays that were designed with smaller areas in mind. Visiting a reputable showroom is a great way of finding more ideas for dealing with a downsized kitchen.

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