Kitchen Faucets

Posted on May 23, 2019

Technology has made life so much easier. While most people upgrade their gadgets to enhance how they keep themselves entertained, it’s the little things in your home that can significantly improve your way of life with a little upgrade. Take kitchen faucets for instance, they may be such a small fixture in comparison to other things in your kitchen but with the right faucet, everything you do in your kitchen will be so much easier. Take one trip to a kitchen showroom and you’d be amazed at the number of options there are and how technologically advanced they’ve become. If you want to upgrade that small fixture in your kitchen sink, you might want to consider the following options:

LED Faucets

The LED faucet emits a red light when the water is hot and a blue light when it is cool. Depending on how strong the LED is, the light can give the illusion that your water is blue or red as well. The great thing about LED faucets is that, you won’t have to label the knob that turns your faucet water hot or cold anymore, as you can see it come out with your own eyes. Plus, one can’t deny the fact that they carry a lot of visual appeal.

Touch Faucets

If you want to take your faucet to the next level, forget about knobs! Instead, opt for a smart touch faucet. Yes, as the name suggests, you can turn it on with just one touch! No buttons, no knobs, just a laser detector that turns on the faucet when it detects touch. If you’re curious as to how this works, visit a kitchen showroom that has these hi-tech devices in stock.

Pullout Kitchen Faucet

While this is the least hi-tech option in this list, one can’t deny the functionality of a pullout faucet. As the name suggests, you can pull out the faucet so it functions both as a fixed faucet and a kitchen sprayer. It won’t only save you money on fixtures but it’ll also save you space.

Modern-day faucets are as stylish as they are functional so you should visit a kitchen showroom to see the newest lines of faucets available for your kitchen.

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