Kitchen Lighting Ideas You Probably Have Not Have Considered

Posted on February 4, 2019

Planning out your kitchen lighting and have a few tried and proven ideas you want to implement? You might want to hold off on your plans until you’ve read through this article. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of kitchen design, and any lights that you install will need to serve a functional as well as aesthetic purpose. Here are a few ideas that you may not have considered in your quest for the ideal kitchen lights.

If you want to maximize illumination, it might be best to avoid traditional downlights, and instead install lights only where they are absolutely necessary. You will want to install adequate lighting over all major work areas of course, and over the island as well.

If you have cupboards or shelves installed over your work area, you might want to install lights that fit underneath them. Hiding the lights underneath the cupboards provides a seamless effect and provides you with sufficient illumination unhindered by shadows. If you do decide to go with this option, look into LED lights that provide sufficient lighting without much less heat than your standard lighting fixtures.

Think creatively when planning your kitchen lighting. In some cases, planning your light fixtures for aesthetic appeal as well as functional value might be the best course of action for your particular kitchen design. You could install lights underneath the top edge of your kitchen island’s surface for example, or on top of high cabinets. Indirect lighting such as these may provide a more interesting visual effect, and reduce the need for harsh and unflattering downlights.

Try installing multiple light sources instead of a few direct light fixtures. This will produce a softer and more subtle effect that can help tie your kitchen design together. For best results, go for light dimmers that allow you to adjust the brightness of light in specific areas of the kitchen.

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