Kitchen Remodeling 101: Choosing Good Kitchen Cabinets

Posted on January 9, 2019

There are many things to consider when doing a kitchen remodel, and most often than not, these individual decisions are not a piece of cake in themselves. While many people could think that choosing a paint color for the kitchen is one of the simple tasks, it can actually be very complicated depending on the different factors and household issues to consider. Moreover, a homeowner needs to commit him or herself to choosing the best materials and equipment there are in order to ensure the kitchen’s optimal functionality. This however may require the inputs of experts, like in choosing kitchen cabinets for example. So are you planning a kitchen makeover and does not know how to start with the cabinets? Here are a few tips you need to take note:

  1. Do you need open or closed shelving – This is one of the first decisions you need to make before choosing your cabinets. One of the most crucial considerations when remodeling a kitchen is space. Choosing open shelving over cabinet doors is a vital move in keeping the kitchen space as breezy and spacious-looking as possible. Huge cabinets with doors could easily make your small kitchen even more crowded. So before finalizing your choice, know first whether your space actually needs open shelving or not.
  2. Flat panel or raised panel – Even the shelves and the cupboards have their unique specifications that you need to consider when doing a kitchen makeover. When deciding between flat and raised panel, you need to first determine whether you are going for a modern or a traditional kitchen style. Flat panels go best with contemporary and minimalist kitchen designs; while raised panels go with traditional and more classic kitchen looks.
  3. Choose your materials based on the kitchen hardware and equipment you currently have – Lastly, you need to base your material preference on the existing fixtures and equipment in your kitchen. Remember that aside from functionality, your kitchen remodel also needs to aim for what will look better. Hence, you would not want to choose a cheap material that will not go well with your fridge and stove.

Remodels, may it be for the kitchen, living room, bathroom or anywhere in the house, requires extensive planning and preparation. Sometimes, it is the small details like this that makes the final output awkward, so never underestimate the effect of your cabinet preference on that upcoming kitchen makeover! Keep these tips in mind and make sure you make a good decision.

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