Kitchen Remodeling with Stone: Slabs and Tiles

Posted on July 6, 2019

Stone is used often in many NYC kitchen remodeling plans. Stone provides a natural beauty that blends in seamlessly with various kitchen designs and livens up the area. It is a durable option and it comes in various colors, shapes, and designs.

When working with stone, you have the choice of choosing stone slabs or tiles for kitchen remodeling. Slabs are ideal for counters but it can be a bit pricy. Stone tiles, however, are much cheaper and more flexible—available in all sorts of designs and sizes.

Here is a brief comparison of stone tiles and stone slabs:

  • Stone tiles will cost you a quarter of what you would pay for stone slabs and when grouted properly, stone tiles can minimize the gaps and provide a more seamless appearance, somewhat similar to slabs.
  • Stone slabs are ideal for smaller kitchens, as the continuous flow, undisturbed by grout lines, will provide the illusion of a larger space. Slabs are also preferable in more modern kitchens for the same reason.
  • If you are looking for a traditional theme for your kitchen remodeling, ask about mixing stone slabs and stone tiles. The slabs are used for counters whereas the tiles are used for backsplash or flooring, or both.
  • If you use stone tiles for counters, use large sized ones to keep grout lines at a minimum.
  • To put more emphasis on your cabinets over the tiles, be sure to use plain looking tiles with a neutral color.
  • Different color tiles can help distinguish between different areas of a kitchen.

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