Light Up your Kitchen Cabinets

Posted on June 4, 2019

If you find yourself pondering about different ways to improve your kitchen design then one way you can handle it would be to consider different lighting solutions for your kitchen cabinets. This article will discuss the different ways you can do this. For example – you have the option to place lights within the cabinets to better see their contents; you can install lights underneath cabinets for a clearer view of the surface; or you can implement transparent glass in your kitchen design and pair it along with lights to get a kitchen display.

Recessed lights

You will normally find recessed lighting on ceilings all around your home. You can include this kind of lights either for use underneath the cabinet, within the cabinet, or both. By choosing recessed lights, however, you will have to either install new cabinets or alter your current ones to have proper receptacles to support this kind of lighting.

Rope lighting

This kind of lighting involves LED lights in a clear long plastic tube. These are quite easy to install and have various different uses. You can install them on the back of your cabinets or place them on the ceilings of shelves.  Rope lighting is easy to install and can be implemented in several parts of your kitchen design.

Battery lighting

One very easy way you can incorporate lighting within or around your kitchen cabinets would be to purchase battery powered motion sensitive lighting. These are small light fixtures that will cost you around $20 a piece and you need not install any wiring. These lights turn on whenever you open the cabinets.

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