Lighting up your Bathroom the Right Way

Posted on January 20, 2019

There are plenty of decent or mediocre bathrooms that could look very good if it were simply lit properly. The lighting in a bathroom can have dramatic changes on design and mood; it would definitely be to your advantage to take note of such things when making NYC bathroom remodeling plans.

For some bathrooms, the problem isn’t the position of the lights but the strength of it. If you have a light fixture that accommodates three bulbs then try upgrading to another that can take five. Also, be sure to switch to a stronger wattage if your fixture is capable of handling it.

If the problem lies in the fixture itself then replace it with another one. Install lighting within crevices or concave areas in strategic locations around your bathroom to get a fresh new look. One easy tip would be to getting a clear glass globe to replace the frosted ones commonly found on light fixtures.

When installing additional lighting, you will most likely need an extra optional outlet in a new location within your bathroom for your lighting.

If you are uncertain about kind of design you should use, then you can always opt for the traditional sconce on both sides of your mirror. Be sure place this in eye level for the ideal affect. The best kind of light you can get for your bathroom is natural light. If your plans permit it, try to add an additional window in your bathroom.

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