Living in a Small Space with a Baby is No Joke – Tips for Survival

Posted on January 14, 2019

Having children is a milestone people should always be thankful to accomplish. But while having a baby sure is fun, exciting and life changing, let us admit it, it is very difficult. But when you are living in a stereotypical NYC apartment for example, the difficulty of living with a baby jumps to a different level. Being responsible for another individual is a tough challenge to beat; but when faced with another challenge of living with a dependent individual in small space, things can get from hard to nearly impossible! This is not to discourage you to have kids, but to know that through a clever remodel, you can turn your small space into an easy paradise  for you and your little tot. Want to know how? Read on for some very useful tips:

  1. Be realistic and choose baby’s equipment that will actually FIT your house – Shopping for baby gear like play pens, cribs, chairs and doll houses is always fun; however, when all these things are in you small house already, it may not be fun anymore to move around. An NYC remodel to make your space more comfortable for you and your baby will require you to be realistic about your baby’s needs and what your house can only allow. Choose smaller gears or toys. Give your baby what he or she needs, but always make sure it will fit in the nursery and will leave enough space for you to move around in and for the baby to grow in.
  2. Sneak in some storage space for baby stuff in other rooms – Doing an apartment remodel is not just about the drastic changes in structure, sometimes, it is simply about being clever and resourceful in making more things functional. One way of being clever at making over a small space is by transferring some storage facility to other rooms that nonetheless have the capacity to hold it. Do not limit the baby stuff territory to just the nursery – especially if it cannot contain all the baby stuff. Sneak in some storage boxes in mommy and daddy’s room, or behind that huge couch in the living room.
  3. Create an activity area for your kiddo on the wall – Instead of having all his or her toys lying all around the floor, why not create an activity area that is mounted on the wall? You can hang a magnetic board where s/he can learn his or her alphabet. And you can install some custom (kid safe) hooks where you can hang some of the toys.

Doing an NYC remodel is a tough job, which becomes tougher if you are making over a small space for a baby. When a baby is involved, it is not all about what looks good anymore, it becomes more about what is comfortable and what will allow the child to grow well. Having a small space is not a reason to fret too much or be all anxious about your child’s wellbeing. Just keep these tips in mind and be resourceful in transforming your small space into a functional and comfortable area for your kid.

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