Making Small Bathrooms Seem Larger

Posted on January 19, 2019

Most people in New York have bathrooms that aren’t as big as they’d like it to be. It is quite common for NYC bathroom remodeling plans to focus on making a small bathroom seem as large as possible. There is a plethora of different ways to make your bathroom less cramped and look larger.

Small bathrooms are usually cozy but can become uncomfortable if it is not handled properly. When making the plans, be sure to include things like wall mounted toilets and sinks as well as the overall color scheme and design of the bathroom.

Wall mounted sinks and toilets are great space savers. The bulky cistern of a toilet will be hidden behind the wall and the encumbering aspects of a faucet will be gone; giving your bathroom space it never had before.

Be sure to take advantage of the different effects color and lighting can have in a room. Pick softer colors for your bathroom and avoid anything too exciting. Colors like Celeste blue will not only make the room seem larger, it will make it more serene and peaceful too. Also take the time to install proper lighting; leave no spot too dim and choose warm lighting. Your best options would be to install windows if your situation allows it.

Mirrors also play a big role in overall space. Depending on the layout, the position of the mirror can make your bathroom both larger and smaller in atmosphere and appearance. Consult your contractor for the best available positions. Place mirrors wisely.

Most important of all would definitely be your layout. Arranging your bathroom in a way which does no constrict movement in any way shape or form while matched with proper design in the bathroom will definitely make the bathroom seem larger and turn it into a more comfortable room in your home.

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