Medicine Cabinets and Bathrooms

Posted on April 10, 2019

In bathrooms, one of the most useful fixtures is the medicine cabinet. It is the perfect place to hide away your medicines as well as your toiletries and also serves as a swinging mirror. People include medicine cabinets in their NYC bathroom remodeling plans since they are so versatile and provide accessible storage that is also secure and convenient.

In most NYC bathroom remodeling plans, medicine cabinets are integrated in the wall for a seamless look. Sometimes, however, this is not possible because of pipes or other reasons so you may have to install units that jut out of the wall slightly. Medicine cabinets are available in different sizes and designs.

When shopping for medicine cabinets, you will have to choose between hinged doors or sliding ones. You can even consider getting two cabinets and placing a mirror in between; this will give you an adjustable three-piece mirror that will give you more versatility when grooming yourself.

You will also have different frames to choose from. Some frames are made of wood, chrome, brass, etc. or you could get a frameless medicine cabinet. For added versatility, you can get units that come with lights installed on the edges.

When choosing medicine cabinets, be sure to think about your needs and how you will be using it. Most importantly, you will have to determine how your new medicine cabinet will affect the décor and theme of your bathroom. The size it comes in and the proportions you choose will be a big factor in determining whether or not it complements or goes against your bathroom’s overall design.

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